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LG Display "P10-Project" Goliath Elevator 50Ton, 600 passengers

LG Display China "GP3-Project" Goliath Elevator 40Ton, 500 passengers

Outdoor & Weather Proof, Supersized Goliath Elevator patent of USA,


Malaysia Hyundai Engineering, SK Siltron Clrean Elevator

Awarded presidential citation by president Mr.Moon Jae-In, Korea

Awarded "Ecport Tower 10 Million UDS" by President Mr.Moon Jae-In, Korea


Emergency Evacuation Elevator, X-vator ATC(advanced Technology

Center)   by Korean Government

Goliath Elevator Travel 500m, Speed 4.0m/sec and 40ton for 500


Extended Seoul Office

The first Incline Elevators for Terrace House in Korea

Moscow New town Project Mayak

Chairman GYKim of Korea Elevator Association

SONGSAN Awaeded VIP Family Company by Industrial Bank of



Installed "Asata Hansteen Project ; Goliath Elevator, 300

passenger at Statoil, Hyundai Heavy Industries.


Modular, Philippine, Hyndai Engineering.

Contracted "TURKMENGAS TGPC Project" ELVRO-3000,

Turkmenistan,Explosion Proof Elevator,Toyo Engineering.

Developed David Module Elevator®, Telescopic Support®

Awarded "Promising Samll and Medium-Sized Enterprise" by

Governor of Gyeonggi Province.


Developed Goliath 曰evator® capacity 10 ton~50 ton(150~500prs),

Exxon Mobil Corporation,

Installed 300 passenger, Hebron project, Hy니ndai Heavy Industries.

Registered patent, Goliath Elevator®

Awarded The Best Management' by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister

of Strategy and Finance

Incheon International Airport Extending Project III Passenger Modular

Panoramic Elevators

Free Trading Area, 니Isan, Elevators

니niversiade 2015, Center, Elevators 니AE Barakah N니clear Power

Plant Elevators


Awarded Trade Promotion' by Minister of Export Ministry of Trade,

Industry, Energy

Awarded 'Export Tower Prize' by President of Korea, Park Geun-Hye

Contracted Explosion-Proof Elevators, Kavian Olefine Plant and Ethan

Cracking Plant at Tehran

Contracted 'Hebron Project' Goliath Elevators, Exxon Mobil, Hebron

Awarded 'Certificate of Designation for an Excellent Company for

overseas public proc니rement

Public Procurement Service of the Republic of Korea

Contracted 'Incheon International Airport', the 3「d terminal elevators

Elected President Mr.G. Y. Kim as Chairman of Korean Elevator

Association market' by


Installed(2nd) the first underground inclined Elevator 350M 48


in the 3rd underground tunnel at DMZ.

Contract ‘Yongin Ever-line’ inclined Elevator 55M 20 passenger.

Proceeding‘UAE Barakah Nuclear Power Plant’and‘Shin Ul-Jin Nuclear Power Plant’ Elevators Project.

Awarded ‘The best Booth Design’at International Lift Expo 2013



  Contracted Gimpㅇ International Airport Elevators and Escalators of


  Contracted S-Brake® for P니blic Procurement Service, Republic of


  Acquired The Certificate of Good Design Selection from Korea Institute

  of Design Promotion ani Knowledge Economy

  Awarded The best company' from Small & medium Business Ministry

  Acquired the certificate of Designation of Excellent Prochjct, S-Brake®

  from Rjblic Procurement Rep니blic of Korea.

  Acquired GOST R 52382 Certification, National Standard of Russian

  Federation,Passenger & Freight Lifts

  Acquired invention Patent & Certificate 'Protection Safety Brake

  Reversal Direction and Over Speed' S-Brake® for Escalatord Ministry

  of Service,


Contracted special elevators for UAE Barakah Nuclear Power Plant,

Shin-Hanul Nuclear Power Plant


Acquired Heliport Elevator® for the first in invention patent

Acquired the Certificate of Registration from KHNP and KEPCO,

N니clear Power Plant


Acquired 'Excellent service quality' from Korean Government

Acquired invention Patent of elevator door deviation device

Acquired ‘Evacuation Lift' X-vator® for the first invention patent

Acquired EK certificate,

Developed SONGSAN SPEC-901 HD escalators

Developed exclusive Heavy duty Escalator, Moving Walk for

Rail station and Subway station


Awarded from Minister of knowledge Economy


Acquired the certificate of EMC of controller for Modular levator

Developed the World First, Arch Elevator Constellations®


SONGSAN Special Maintenance System [SSMS] for Seoul Metro

in Korea

Awarded from Commissioner of National Tax Service of Korea


Developed Intelligence Drive Control System for Modular Elevator

Exported 32units elevators Beijing subway in Chaina

Developed high-load(10~30 ton) special elevator for semiconductor

equipment use

Receive the contract high-speed elevators at korea

culture&content agency


Awarded "Official Commendation from the seoul Mayor"


Awarded "the Outstanding Award [INNO-BIZ] Technical Innovation

Acquired the certification of ISO 14001 Environmental management



Acquired the Authentication of K-Mark on Machine Room Less

elevator by Korea Testing Laboratory

Installed the World Largest underground inclined Elevator

350M 48 passenger in the 3「d tunnel at DMZ


Completed Sihwa Factory & Test Tower

Carried out Developing Business for High efficiency technical



Exported to China Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand,

G니am, Hongkong, Russia

Acq니ired "Excellent O니ality Prod니ct" from

supply Administration.


Awarded Official Commendation from the president of Korea

Developed Machine Room Less Mockilar Elevator®,

the first in Korea

Acquired "Excellent Machine, Mechanism & Materials EM"

Approval - by Ministry of Commerce, Inchjstry & Energy

Awarded "Minister of Commerce, Industry & Resources Prize"

Selected as "Outstanding Technical Competitiveness Enterprise"


Awarded ‘‘ㅇ니tstanding Gyeonggi Minor Business Entrepreneur"

Established Songsan Technology Laboratory

Excellent Machines, Materials, and Mechanism

Acquired the Authentication of New Technology NT


Developed Handylift® Products, for the first in Korea


Developed Advanced Elvro-3000 VWF 日evator®

Developed Advanced Technology for G7 Gov. Project for special



Developed innovated technologies for special elevators & Lifts

Acquired the certification of ISO 9001 Quality management system


Established SONGSAN Special Elevators Co.,Ltd.